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Ben Greene is a serial startup co-founder/CTO who has spent his career building early stage startups across numerous industries using his expertise in product, engineering, strategy, management and culture. Today he continues to work on projects large and small while also consulting with startups looking to get reliable advice and valuable contributions.


“Working with Ben has been phenomenal - he is deeply versed in all things product and startup, he helped me better understand our company, and he helped me make better decisions faster. What makes Ben a pleasure is his friendly, no B.S., let’s-tackle-the-hard-stuff attitude.” Aidan Scott Co-Founder & CEO, Speakbox
"I've known Ben for nearly a decade now, both when building his previous companies or mentoring teams together at Techstars. There is no better person to support all aspects of early-stage technology than Ben.” Ben Carcio Co-Founder & CEO, Trevr Co-Founder & CEO, Promoboxx
"I've worked closely with Ben as a fellow advisor across multiple early stage startups and I've been impressed with his ability to help founders plan and execute. This goes beyond technical planning, of which he is highly qualified, and to the heart of the business, team forming and mapping out key milestones for value creation.” Bob Mason Managing Partner, Argon Ventures Co-Founder & CTO, Brightcove (Nasdaq: BCOV)
“Ben is a start-up ace - the combination of 15+ years of experience + hands on keyboard GSD. We've gone to Ben for advice on everything from engineering team composition to public API design and he's always eager to help and brings a valued perspective.“ Brian Swartz Co-Founder & CEO, Swivvel Co-Founder & CEO, NeighborSchools (acquired)
“Working with Ben has been a game changer for our startup. Not only does he bring knowledge and expertise, but also a unique perspective as a founder himself. He has helped us strategically reach our goals, and I’ve grown as the founder and CEO from his counsel. Ben is the real deal.” Colleen Hilton Co-Founder & CEO, Alli Connect Founder & CEO, Acuity (acquired)
“While serving as an advisor, I observed Ben building and leading firsthand. He knows how to build startup products from 0 to 1 the right way, has a breadth of experiences and skill sets at his disposal, and is unflinching in his pursuit of achieving results.” Giuseppe Stuto Co-Founder & Managing Partner, 186 Ventures Founder & CEO, Fam (acquired)
“Ben is an experienced operator, mentor and technologist. He works side-by-side with founders to help them understand their businesses and bring them to the next level. “ Greg Raiz Founder & General Partner, Raiz Capital Fmr. Managing Director, Techstars Boston Founder & CEO, Raizlabs (acquired)
“Ben is one of the most professional and knowledgeable startup mentors in the industry. He has an in-depth understanding of the challenges startups face and has provided us with exceptional support and guidance. I would highly recommend Ben to any startup looking for a reliable and knowledgeable partner to help them grow and succeed.” Jim Foote Co-Founder & CEO, First Ascent Biomedical
"I approached Ben for advice on a new direction we were considering in my digital health startup. We were adding a 2C layer to our B2B model. Ben's approach was methodical, data driven (given his experience building products in healthcare for cancer patients), and patient centric. His advice helped bring clarity to prioritize certain action items on our task list. Ben is also fun to talk to outside work on a number of technical/non-technical topics. I highly recommend working with Ben no matter the stage of your company to gain new perspectives on your product.” Pranav Kuber Co-Founder & CTO, Piction Health



Consulting engagements are designed to fit customers’ needs on either a fractional, project or hourly basis. Services can include but are not limited to:
  • Product and technology strategy
  • Customer discovery and development
  • Software prototyping, architecture and development
  • Product planning, analysis and management
  • Resource planning and budgeting
  • Sales and fundraising support
  • Engineering team management, recruiting and mentoring
  • M&A/due diligence preparation and representation